Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We've been busy.

Last week, we have a couple of our incoming pre-vet majors learning how to tag sheep.  Now it's a little bit easier to tell them apart.  We plan to keep some of the sheep for breeding.  The other get sent away to the slaughterhouse when their time comes.
Showing them how it's done!

They did great!
Speaking of the slaughterhouse, the rabbits are going to be sent away soon.  I think it's the end of this week.
Bye rabbits, you will be missed.  But no one will miss cleaning your cage.
Oh a happier note than animals getting sent away, we've been harvesting!  And we've had a lot to harvest!

Lots of beans!

Myke doesn't let us eat the peas...  He says they're for CSA, not for us...
Turkeys!  It's been a while since I've mentioned them.  They're getting much bigger and more ugly too...
Turkeys last week...
Turkeys today...

We've also been working hard here.  Believe it or not...  We have been.  We've been fixing up the sheep's fences so they cannot escape anymore.  The grass in the pasture is also being mowed back from the fence.  
One of the sheep pens we were fencing and Chuck by the gate.
Last week, I mentioned the chicken who was being raised by the duck, here's a picture of it's cuteness!

On one last note, as I was typing this up there was a thunderstorm.  I got a picture of the storm hitting the farm across the street.  This was taken from the safety of my dorm room.

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