Friday, June 20, 2014

Things are moving along!

Things are beginning to look different here at the farm!  We had all that land cleared a couple months ago and after a lot of hard work, a new field is almost ready for planting!  It is right next to the field we've already got and around the same size.  After removing some rocks and some final tilling, it will be ready to go!

There are some huge rocks...
This past semester, the aquaculture class did a semester long project focusing around aquaponics.  Over the summer, the project is staying in the farm and there is talk of getting a permanent set up going so there can be fresh greens for the animals in the winter.

Our goats are doing well!

Now, with the CSA starting up weekly, we have our hoop houses and field looking nice and green!

Two workers mulching

Monday, April 21, 2014

It's a Monday.

"Happy"Monday Everyone!

Plants are coming up!  They're going to be ready for harvesting soon!  

Also, we've been getting land cleared!  We're going to have more room for fields, which means more plants!  

Looking from the farm

Looking back at the farm

Just a reminder that this little guy is here and you should visit him!
Have a great week!