Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Update!

The past week was one of the busiest (and hottest) weeks for the farm so far, preparing for the rest of the year. 

It started with weeding.  We had to weed the garden where we had already planted, which took a couple of days.  In addition to weeding, we also have been seeding starter trays with various vegetables such as chives, basil, alyssum, calendula, etc etc.  Out in the field, hardworking and lovable interns are planting zucchini and peppers.

Lovable interns happily planting peppers!

We have some new additions to the farm: turkeys!  We got 40 turkeys we will raise over the summer and make sure they get big enough to eat!  Looking at them makes me excited for Thanksgiving!

Baby Turkeys!

In our other garden, the one closest to the barn, we have dug trenches and planted potatoes.  The other patches we have tilled and are ready for more planting!  In one, we are going to plant an assortment of flowers and in the other, pumpkins!  Now I’m getting excited for pumpkin pie!

Imagine flowers here.

Now, imagine pumpkins here.

Last week, we had visitors from Westbrook High School, who helped us with weeding the garden and seeding the starter trays with dill and sunflowers.  The extra help was much appreciated and made our busy week go by much quicker than expected.

After our busy week, we got everything done earlier than expected which is putting us ahead of the game for the rest of the summer! 

Little Annabelle!  

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