Friday, May 10, 2013

Goodbye Pearson's Town Farm

 As a graduating Senior, I have to say goodbye to Pearson's Town Farm. For when I graduate on Saturday it will be time to move on. However, I will be coming back on Sunday... and Monday... maybe Wednesday too. However soon enough life will get in the way and I will drift away from the farm. For now I just want to say Thank you. 

Thank you to the Poultry:
Our newest Rooster

I want to thank the Chickens and Ducks, on occasion even the Turkeys. They taught me not to be afraid of them. Freshmen year I used to run from the Rooster, thinking he could do more damage to me then I could to him. I've learned in life there are bigger things to fear then a small bird. Thank you for that. 
A cute little chick and I

Thank you to the Bunnies:
Baby Bunnies
I want to thank the bunnies for being adorable and working as a great and free therapist. There was nothing better then cuddling a baby bunny before a huge test or presentation. 

Thank you to the Sheep: 
Joy and Genesis, the sheep I delivered
I want to thank the sheep. They have taught me so much. They have taught me how the cycle of life works. They have taught me that sometimes things happen that you can't control. Like us losing sheep, even if they were my favorites (Rest in Peace- Grace, Baby, Caesar, Wesley, Thatcher and Mae). These sheep have taught me that sometime animals have to be used for something besides pets. As hard as it may be for me, sometimes animals are for food (Rest in Peace Buster). 
RIP Thatcher

Thank you to the Llama:
Me petting the Llama!

I want to thank the Llama. He taught me above all patience. For it was him that wouldn't let me love him for the first few years. But, after years of trying it was just last week that I was able to pet and even hug him. He's a good Llama and he always did his job right. 

Thank you to the Goats: 
Callie, Annabelle and I 
Of all the animals, I'd like to thank the goats the most. For they taught me that it's okay to love an animal unconditionally. These goats they taught me that happiness can be as simple as hugging a goat. They also taught me that doing your homework in a goat stall isn't a good idea. Teachers tend not to believe that goats ate your homework. They taught me that joy is watching your kid (Baby goat) grow into an adult and give birth to her beautiful own kid. 

Thank you to the Compost:
I'd even like to Thank the compost. For it was a great joy to see my freshmen and sophomore year food turn into beautiful dirt and then grow beautiful vegetables for everyone to enjoy. I also want to thank the compost my farm muscles. If not for compost (and occasionally carrying around a goat) I would never be able to successfully have muscles to show with pride. 

Thank you to the Farmer:
Myke Russell, Farm Manager
I also want to Thank Myke. Myke taught me that happiness is Farming. He taught me that  it's okay to get dirty and that producing your own vegetables is so much better then buying them at the grocery store. He showed me that someday I want to have my own farm. Myke always could make me laugh and he knew when I came to the farm super stressed and just laid in the goat pen and let the goats climb all over me, that it was just what I needed. I want to thank Myke for his love of animals, because if though the animals at Pearson's Town Farm are used for food, they have a better life at Pearson's Town Farm then they would anywhere else I have ever been. I want to thank Myke for teaching me leadership. For it was him that shoved me in a rule all by myself to teach a 4th grade class about compost and a 2nd grade class all about how important animals are at the farm. I want to thank him for always putting so much trust in me. It was also him that talked me through the birth of twin lambs on the phone while he was in New York. 

Thank you to Saint Joseph's College:
I want thank Saint Joseph's College. Because it was the college that introduced me to the Farm and it was the farm that completely changed my life. 

Thank you to Frank Daggett:
I want to thank Frank Daggett. Because I will never forget the day he called me and offered me the Community Service Leadership Position. It was you that give me room to shine and it was you that let me spend my time at Pearson's Town Farm.

I was in charge of the Farm for the day
So thank you Pearson's Town Farm because I truly believe through the past 4 years that you have taught me as much as Saint Joseph's College, if not more. Thank you everyone that was a part of it, because if not for you I wouldn't be who I am today. Today I can stand proudly and say that I am happy with who I am, four years ago I would have stood with hesitation. Thank you for teaching me faith, confidence, patience, leadership, true happiness and so much more. 
Farm Love <3 td="">

So goodbye Pearson's Town Farm, for I may not be leaving today or tomorrow or even next week. But someday life will get in the way and I will be forced apart from the one place that taught me so much. Pearson's Town Far has shown me what my future will look like and that it will definitely have a farm full of love (and goats because it's pretty much the same thing). 

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