Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Over the past week, we have been weeding and planting almost every day.  We have been seeding more starter trays with cabbage and more lettuce.  While out in the field, we have been weeding out everything, especially the lettuce rows.  We are getting ready to harvest the lettuce soon!

Working hard!

We made a lot of progress weeding.

Tomatoes are growing nicely.

We have been sheering the sheep and clipping their hooves and we plan on tagging them soon.  The rabbits have had their claws clipped and will start breeding within the next week.  The turkeys are getting bigger, but they still are not big enough to leave the safety of the heat lamp (even though they keep trying).

Shawn (left) and Danny (right)

Rabbit just relaxing

Turkeys are growing!

Rocky, saying hi one of the new interns.

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