Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Previously, On Pearson's Town Farm...

Quite a bit has happened!

I'll start with the turkeys!  We moved the turkeys to the right side of the chicken coop and out of the barn.  Now they have more space to grow into dinner!
It may be hard to tell from the picture, but they are getting bigger.
We have also been weeding.  It's not too eventful (I don't have much to say about it).  It's not too much fun to do in 80° weather.
Using some scuffle hoes!
The plants have been growing nicely!  Unfortunately, the heat spell for the past couple days hasn't been too great to some of the plants.
Peas!  (But I don't think I had to say it for you to know what it is.)

Broccoli!  Which didn't survive the heat.
Today was a CSA day!  We spent the day harvesting, washing, packing, and finally selling the vegetables.  At least the temperature wasn't as high today as it has been!
More harvesting...
Washing and packaging.
Happily washing! 
Our happy farm stand!
Lovely vegetables!
  Lastly, Seeds of Peace visited our farm today.  They took a tour of the farm and got to play with the animals!
Everyone watching Rocky.  They learned something new about goats today...  (I'm not going into details...)

Myke was explaining the purpose of the sheep to everyone.

Passing the bunny to some of the kids, who were very excited!

Carl wanted to say hi!

I don't think they realized I took a picture of them taking a picture with the bunny.
That's it for this week!

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