Friday, June 21, 2013

First Week of CSA!

If you read the title, then I'm sure you can guess what this post will be about!  That's right, the first CSA of the summer!
Our lovely farm stand!
For those of you wont don't know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  How a CSA works is that the farm has shareholders that pay an amount for the year and over the summer, they are able to come to the farm and grab fresh vegetables.  

Packaging a pound of lettuce for sale!
Harvesting garlic scapes.
This year we have been doing things a little different.  Previous years, we would offer up a preset box to our shareholders with the fresh vegetables from our farm.  This year, we have an allowance set for our shareholders based off of how big of a share they have.  They are allowed to spend this money on what ever they decide they want that day.
Our first customer!
Smelling lemon balm (used for tea).
Radishes for sale.
That's not all that's been going on at the farm!  This week, there have been New Student Orientations at St. Joseph's College.  This means that we have been getting visitors who are interested in the farm and what we do here!  
Myke leading a tour!
New Students checking out Linus
That's been this week on the farm!  It has been a very busy week (when isn't it?) and I'm sure all of us are looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  I'm going to leave you with this: Annabelle stuck on a rock...

We don't know how long she was up there.

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