Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Spring Break in the Barn. . .

But at least this year I am not sleeping out here this time!!

It got cold again last night. Stev mentioned something about deja vu yesterday. It seems that one or the other of us have ended up here at all hours of the night for the last two spring breaks as we wait on lamb deliveries. The kicker is that it's the same two ewes that pulled this last year.
(Editors Note: The following story, while humorous is not appropriate for younger readers)

Yesterday a newer employee of the college came over to the barn for the first time. This person admitted to having never been to a farm before, but boy, were they initiated! They came to the barn just as I was removing a deceased chicken from the coop. After disposing of the carcass we walked into the barn to find that one of our pregnant ewes had a 'protrusion' from her tail end. The dialogue went something like this:

- "Is that a baby?"

- "Nope that's a vagina. We should probably put that back in."

- "Uh, okay. Well, I guess I better get back [to my office]."

- "Have a good afternoon."

- "You too."

I love educational moments.

In the meantime all this sitting around and waiting has given me an opportunity to work on my now very tardy annual report. The finishing touches will go on tomorrow, then off to the editors. If all goes well we will have it posted/mailed out next Friday.

In the mean time here are some photos from around the barn this morning. The last one is my version of a 'teaser', and will lead into my next post. Any ideas where I could be going with this one?????
Tattooing Rabbits
Early season crops being transplanted into the hoop houses
Genny and Poppy
Lightening (front) and Hannah (back)
R.J.'s new trick - This one wont be so cute when he weighs 200 pounds.
Leap frog with R.J.
What is this all about. . . anybody know??

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  1. Acme = Wiley Coyote! Another trap for the Roadrunner?