Monday, February 11, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like winter!

Many of my worst fears are being put to rest!

Last year was one of the toughest growing years we have seen. That was in large part to the lack of winter the previous season. Moving into February this year I was bracing for the worst as things weren't looking a whole lot different than the previous year. All of that has since changed though. First came hurricane Nemo (does Disney own the rights to winter storms now?? I swear that mouse runs the world.) and now, as we are plowing out, the snow is already falling again and it is accumulating! Sebago lake even froze over which I definitely didn't anticipate this year. I'm sure all of this weather is a nightmare for the poor guys and gals in facilities who have spent the whole weekend plowing - I hope they catch a break to sleep soon!
For us it means that bugs are dying, fungi are dying, foreign diseases are dying. . . All of the evils that were able to survive the mild winter of '11/'12 should not be surviving this! Fingers are crossed that this winter will usher in a much easier growing season.

In other news, as you have seen in previous posts, we survived kidding season. Two healthy baby goats. One of each gender. Now we begin lambing. Already our first ewe has started to pass her mucus plug which is right on time for delivery over the weekend or early next week. Everyone knows that my predictions are right about 100% inaccurate - nature has a funny way of confounding all of my early book learning - but I am calling for 7 lambs this year. If I am wrong again this year I might take up a profession in meteorology (Okay, that isn't fair. Those poor folks have a rough job)! Our best case scenario would be 10 lambs, our worst would be 5. So at least I have a narrow range to work in.

Well, it being the season to plant tomatoes I am off. Have to finish plowing before I can move on to that.

Grow happy.

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