Thursday, January 31, 2013

And the babies are here!

If you were to ask me 5 years ago what really makes me happy I would have had no idea. I might have said hanging out with my friends or going to the mall. But today, I know what really makes me happy. If you were to ask me today what really makes me happy, I would say Farming! It doesnt matter what type of day I am having or what I am doing at the farm, it makes my day 10x better!

Now onto the important part! So monday, we walked into Wanda's baby bunnies all cuddled into a big ball of fur!

Then, after lunch Brandi popped and for once the baby didn't look like her, but instead he looks just like his daddy, Rocky! So we decided to name him Rocky Jr. or for short R.J.

A very sleepy R.J.

Daddy watching his cute baby!
And then came wednesday, and Callies adorable baby Annabelle! Annabella is super small and super cute and the best baby ever! She looks just like her mommy!
Mommy and Baby!

Nose to Nose (or almost!)

Little Annabelle under the heat lamp
Everyone should come out to the farm and hold and cuddle and love these very cute babies! Don't forget to love their mommies too!

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