Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another baby has arrived!

As many of you know, it's baby season! My favorite season of the year! Right now its time for our sheep to have their lambs. Right now we have only had 1 lamb, Grace's baby girl named Hannah!

The Kids are doing great! Here is Annabelle looking cute as ever! They are getting so big so fast! 

Here is the trouble maker R.J. He had just tried to jump off the wall and fell into a puddle of mud. He's a very talented little guy. His new favorite game is climbing on people's backs and jumping off! 

Baby season isn't nearly over yet, we have plenty more lambs to come! Here is Kate the sheep waiting very patiently for her turn. Kate is the next to go and she is due Thursday! More pictures and more baby names to come! We even have an elementary class helping us come up with baby names for our very cute new lambs! 

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