Friday, March 23, 2012

Summer came early?

The past couple of days the sun has been shining and bringing quite a bit of warmth but, with all this heat, work still needs to be done, and that involved delivering new babies! Sheep that is and they're quite popular.

The farm is quite busy these days with people coming to check out the bunnies who are almost fully grown, but as well as all the animals, however the new baby sheep are the main event. Young and old come to give a hand with them and just get a picture.

Things around the farm are going in the right direction, and with the weather looking great, a lot more work is being done outside and I think the animals are enjoying it as well . . .

The weather is great here lately, but we live in Maine, anything is possible. One minutes it's 80 degrees, the next minutes, it's snowing. Lets just hope it stays with the 80 degree weather :)

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