Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Clean

Finally, after a few days of rain, the sun is back out however, the warmth didn't come with it, but that's okay. With the sun out people still arrived to help clean. Trash was taken out, old wood was removed and the barn was swept. It's looking really nice and at good timing. We had a couple of people come over today as well for their Ecology class and are doing a great job.

There's going to be a couple new arrivals today, some new lambs. The lambs are only a few days old as well so they're going to need to be bottle fed.

Earlier in the week we had a fellow ram get sick and now he's better than ever (and nicer) and we're all quite excited he's making a great recovery.

At this point in time, the animals are doing really well and the new comers are fitting in quite well. The only thing we need now is for the warmth to come back to us so more work can be done outside.

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