Sunday, March 18, 2012

Babies, Babies, BABIES!

Oh yes! It IS that time again! As well all know the bunny babies are getting big... so I guess that sheep thought it was time for more babies at the farm! On Thursday, March 15, both Dyna and Danni delivered their babies! Every year I have worked here, the sheep do not have their babies on time. Usually early, or late, or even late at night when nobodies around!

Danni was the first to deliver! She has twins! Boys! And they were black! It was a pretty incredible day! First came Toby, who needed a little bit of help. By that I mean someone had to pull him out! And not long after that his brother, Thatcher, came! Thatcher had a little trouble at the start, with breathing.. and walking. But with the help of me, Alyssa, and Myke the little lamb got on his feet and was returned to mommy!
Danni pushing out Thatcher!
Toby in the back, Thatcher in the front!

Dyna had her baby girl (Normal white lamb) at like 930pm and I was not there! But I have seen her since and Dyna is definitely a very good mommy!
Dyna's Precious baby girl

More babies at the farm. No not more animals! I Brought my one year old cousin to have fun on the farm! I love how happy the farm makes everybody. He sure had a blast!
Helping me wheel hay out to the sheep in the pasture
Feeding his favorite farm animal, the chicken!
Such a happy farm helper!
Checking out the sheep

And don't forget Callie. Shes beautiful and slightly jealous of the new babies!

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