Friday, February 10, 2012


Things at the farm are looking good and things are being finished. There's a lot of people coming to the farm to give a helping hand and it seems the animals are loving it.

Volenteers came in today to help with putting new mats on the ground and help put up some fencing. Things are going up around the farm with speed it seems. Everyone is enjoying the company and having a good laugh with one another.

We have Tim and Chris who came over to lend a hand with putting up the fence so the little guys can't exscape and meet paths with Charlie.
Chris has been coming to the farm for a couple of weeks now and giving a hand with picking some seeds to helping Tim put the fence up.
We have Blake who comes over and gives a hand with anything that needs to be done. He's a quick worker and learner and with the effort gets things accomplished.

The dedication of all the workers things are getting done, yes it might take a cup of coffee to keep everyone from freezing, but none the less, with their help, the farm is becoming more organized and complete.

As for the animals, they're doing quite well. They all had their feed today and are bright and happy. The bunnies are getting bigger and are just about to open their eyes and take a look at their new world. Callie is fitting in quite nicely with the other animals but her new best friend out of all of them is Chevon, the baby goat. They have a bond that seems inseperable and where ever one is, the other isn't too far behind.

Chevon is growing, and soon will be full grown, but once a goat gets bigger, you've got to get castrated. Simple as that. (ouch) He's not really enjoying life, but once momma stays with him for a bit and he takes a nice rest in the sun, he'll be back enjoying his time with Callie.

With everything going on here, the farm is looking great and also quite clean.

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