Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rabbit Stew looks pretty cute!

It seems these days the farm is CONSTANTLY changing! There is constantly something new arriving! The baby bunnies are finally big enough to cuddle and love! 3 little gray ones, 3 little black ones and 1 very cute little brown one! According to Myke they will all taste very good =(
Little bunny exploring!
Little Bunnies all cuddled together

The little bunnies hoping around are all so cute! I encourage EVERYONE to come visit the farm and see them and hold them for yourself! They need all the love they can get! But no worries, there will be lots more bunnies to come!!!

Meet Carl!

We also have another new goat! Carl! He is a fun people loving guy! It's awful fun to have a goat following you around everywhere on the farm. He's better than a dog!
Carl hanging out with volunteers
Carl exploring my camera!

And I end with an adorable picture of the newly best friends Callie and Chevin!

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