Monday, February 6, 2012

A day in paradise

Farm is running smoothly and the sun is shining. It seems now with the temperature rising and the sun being out more. Work is being done around the farm to clean it up and it seems like the animals are noticing and are quite happy as well as the workers.

Every day that passes our new addition, Chevon, is growing. It's only been a week, but Chevon seems to be a lot bigger and is quite curious with everything. He knows when you're coming with food and hops up and down and to think he could barely walk a week ago. Every time you go near, he gets excited and wants to see what's going on, but once you get close enough, he runs to mommy. Chevon is a great addition and adds a nice "aww" factor.

The bunnies seems to be growing, but not as quickly. It's hard to get a good look at them because they hide themselves from the rest of the world however, they will be hopping around everywhere soon.

Another new addition to the farm but a sweet heart to the farm is Callie. Callie's been fitting in just fine on the farm and is enjoying the attention. She's an interesting goat as well because she actually seems to want attention from everyone and the best part is how she makes her sounds. Out of all the animals, Callie has the most subtle voice. When you bring her food, the sound she makes is almost as if she's saying please and thank you. A nice addition to the Pearson's Farm.

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