Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lots of Goat News!

Since our last post we have had a few new additions. Our goat Brandi finally had her baby after several days of waiting! The best part is... we got it on tape! The kid is a baby boy and his name is Chevon!
Brandi loving Chevon!

Sound was edited out, if you have ever heard a goat in labor, you will thank me!

Another great addition to the farm is our 7 month old female goat, Callie. I personally found her and donated her to the farm. Another female goat is a great addition to our farm and she is the sweetest, most adorable goat in the world. She loves everyone and follows me around everywhere.
Callie being Cute

Another addition since our last post is BIG Charlie. When I say big... I mean BIG! He's bigger and scarier than buster ever was and ever could be. He also has a very weird and slightly scary
Charlie was breathing heavy and watching Callie... CREEPY!

The last new additions (for now) is our new baby bunnies... which are too little for the world to see. BUT soon...very very soon the baby bunnies will be hopping all over the place!

I love the time of year when new life is all over the farm! It is simply incredible! And to think, it is not even spring yet... and the sheep have not even started Lambing! This is really going to be an exciting semester at Pearson's Town Farm!
Callie and I

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