Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ode to Ida Lou by Alyssa Jean

Our fifth and final lamb was born last Monday around 8:30am. Dyna(mite)'s little girl, fondly named Ida Lou, was the only one who waited for me. Being in Vermont for the semester, I missed the birth of our other four lambs, though I quickly came to visit. I do love them all, but Ida Lou quickly became my favorite, having been there for the event. She was already out and standing when Myke and I arrived that morning, but Mama Dyna had not yet cleaned her. Gooey and bloody as she was, she was the cutest, most beautiful little girl ever.

While Myke went off to his staff meeting later that morning, I was left alone with Ida Lou and Dyna and the rest. I sat and held my baby girl for hours and wrote her a little ode. It goes something like this:

My little baby Ida Lou
She is so very very cute
She's having trouble with her food
Yet still she puts me in a good mood!

There used to be another verse, but I can't remember it all now. I came up with it as I let her go to eat. She was having some troubles finding the right place! It took her a few minutes, but she finally got it. By the end of the week, she had gone from being the smallest lamb this year to, well, still small, but very tall and somewhat lazy, laying down and eating at the same time!

But of course, we can't forget about the other critters!

Amall keeping steady watch....

Two of the girls cuddle:

Danni grins. Or is she whining?

Gathered round the table for a midday meal. And Charley in the middle of it all!

Brandy shows her wild side:

The sheep head out to pasture for the first time this spring:

Chickens investigate Dyna and Ida Lou's stall:

And finally, our first "batch" of eggs have hatched! We have seven baby chicks total so far!

It is proving to be an exciting spring, even with only occasional visits from Vermont!

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