Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Chicks are getting BIGGER! By Heather Aceto

Wow!!! The baby chicks are getting sooo big! Don't worry they are still in Myke's office for those that are visiting. We only have four now. Three Pearson's Town Farm chicks were sold. They will have a very happy life =)

Don't worry the chicks are still supper cute!

They are growing up to the point there they have soft fuzzy body's and are growing real chicken feathers on their wings!!!!!

They are just sooooo cute!!! They are my best friends!
I know your thinking... Babies always grow up and it is sad but true... BUT, don't worry because there are more chicken eggs in the incubator right now! AND there are 3 duck eggs! And a turkey egg! VERY exciting! More information to come soon... till then... stay tuned =P

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