Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April 1rst: 18 inches of snow - no joke!

Yup, I meant to blog last Friday, but that is just how my weeks go sometimes. . . maybe a more often than not. In the end though, it was better that I waited till now. It's snowing buckets and more excitement has happened in the last few days than happened all last week.

Dyna delivered on Monday. . . right on time! A little ewe lamb joins our flock bringing the total flock population to 11 and a llama. While mom and baby were hanging out in the nursery, we took advantage of the receding snow, and put the rest of the flock out to pasture. I would dare say that they really enjoyed it!

Spring really sprung this week among the bipeds on the farm. There were people galore all week. We had visitors,we planted, prepared seed trays for our upcoming outing to the food pantry (stand by for details), cleaned the barn, worked in the hoop houses, composted,and, of course, walked the critters. . . .

There was the usual St. Joe's crew, and our E.S.300 volunteers, as well as a number of prospective summer interns, but most exciting was the return of our friends from Westbrook High School. They were challenged to move a little hay and try to wrangle 9 sheep (which is 50% more than they wrangled last year).

Then, there is today. . . snow. It seems that spring has something to prove to winter. Truth is we traditionally have one snow storm in April that clobbers us. It seemed like a good day to work from home and get prepped for next week. Starting this week we will be teaching basic seed starting and gardening techniques at Catherine's Cupboard Food Pantry. That will happen every Wednesday evening through April. Wednesday afternoon we meet with the Windham Middle School's Green-Team - they want to start indoor gardens. Thursday and Friday we are at Windham Primary teaching 200 3rd graders about composting before they start their own pile. As I am typing this I talked to Aimee J. at the school who has informed me that there are three chicks in the incubator that are hatching. . . more babies coming. . .

Busy, busy. . . but it's that time of year again!

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