Sunday, April 24, 2011

Genesis's First Field Trip By Heather Aceto

I was asked by a very nice man (Pastor Lee) if he could borrow a lamb for easter Sunday's mass.

So of course I asked Myke and he said I could "borrow" a lamb to bring to The Bible Believing Baptist Church. I chose Genesis so that the mommy sheep would at least have one lamb to tend to.

This is the Bible Believing Baptist Church where Genesis spent her morning.

This is Pastor Lee with Baby Genesis, very appreciative of this opportunity.

When we first got Genesis she was crying and her mom was mad and Amall looked like he was going to kill me. But once we got in the car she settled down and started eatting hay.

At the Church (Located in Gray, Maine.. where I live) Genesis was tied to the cross outside of the Church, off set of the road. She was supposed to resemble Jesus the "Lamb of God" Because Lamb's are said to be very pure and innocent as was Jesus. Everybody at the church loved Genesis. She got a lot of attention. While she was tied to the cross she got every car that drove by to slow down and check her out. She also got a lot of people to come over and pet her and take her photo. When she wasn't getting as much attention she spent her time mowing the lawn for Pastor Lee.

There she is proudly playing her role of "lamb of God"

After a while she got tired and decided to take a quick nap.

Once the services were over we took Genesis home to her Mommy Baby, Daddy Buster, Uncle Amall, Sister, and all her friends.

Genesis enjoying her long ride home. When she got home she did not want to get out she was so comfy and tired. But We carried her back into her stall and she cried for her mommy and her mommy and sister cried back and they were very happily reunited.

Thank you Genesis for being such a good "Lamb of God" You definitely will be remembered at the church!

Now that your home its time for me to go have an Easter Dinner.. (Don't worry I'm not having Lamb!)

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