Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Babies, babies everywhere. . .

Didn't we already have this title. . . okay, maybe we did, but it is still true.

The sheep are all done for the year, but they have been replaced by baby chickens, baby turkeys, baby ducks. . . baby plants. . .

Stu made a connection with one our local farmers that opened up a door for us to grow our Thanksgiving turkeys again this year (it seems that the state passed a few "overprotective" laws that punished the many for the sins of the few which threatened our ability to grow our own T-Day dinner). So with the "how do we legally process our turkeys" hurtle passed we are back on track with a whopping 40 turkeys brooding in the barn (yes, pray for the farm staff this year!).

As we near the end of the school year and the beginning of the "farming season" things are hoppin'. The Ecology students are wrapping up their time on the farm which results in a two week lull in help. Normally this would be a cause for freneticism (is that a word?), but in this case we are so far ahead with the general work that the loss in help disrupts very little in the flow. Our biggest inhibitors this year have been the loss of space to get our seedlings started and the lack of consistent sunlight.

We are at about 50% below, what I will call, normal for started seedlings. It is an acceptable set back in a transition year, that will be remedied later in the year as we get additional electricity in the barn. In the now it means that we won't have much of an early season harvest, but by June we will be movin' and shankin'. . . and harvesting.

It's a great time to be on the farm. The ground in workable, seeds are being put in, the livestock are back out in the fields. . . things seem alive!

Now we are only two weeks away from interns. . .

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