Monday, March 21, 2011

Did I say spring?

Perhaps I miss spoke in my previous post. My claim to the "Spring" surprises had more to do with the anticipation of spring than those things actually happening in spring.

This, of course, being Maine, concepts like seasons are really just arbitrary ideas. You can never really predict what the weather will do regardless of the season. An example. . . Saturday called for mostly sunny skies; highs in the middle 40's -NO mention of snow whatsoever!!!! What did I wake up to?!?!? SNOW! It was bombing out of the sky with about an inch already accumulated.

Yesterday, of course, was the first day of spring, and today (the second day of spring). . . SNOW!!! A weather reporter suggested as much as six inches. I can't speak for all of mankind, but I am super ready to be done with this winter silliness and get to digging in the dirty with sunny skies and temps in the 70's.

Honestly, though, I am amused. The amount of accumulated snow that has been lost in the last week has been fabulous. We can see a good chunk of the pasture, and the sheep are itching to get out. Walkways are clear (well, they were an hour ago), the compost and leaf piles are accessible again. I even saw that crazy white van that we used last summer poking out of a snow bank.
My favorite part of the spring thaw is watching the ducks take advantage of pools that have formed in some of the lower areas. that water has to be frigid, but they are like kids in a toy store, playing and making a raucous.

The lambs are getting big, and Dyna is due somewhere between this Friday and next (if our numbers are right - we see how that has gone in the past). Stay tuned for planting updates. We will put up some pics in my next post.

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