Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter is here. . .

Literally!Not only has the winter solstice come (yeah for increasing daylight!!!), but the snow came with it. There is only about an inch or so, but there is definitely snow. The addition of the snow to the already "quiet" campus gives it a feel like the farm is tucked in for a long slumber. My favorite part of the our first storm of the year was it's timing. The poultry palace has been making slow progress, in part do to some heavy wind storms over the last several weeks. Twice we had the roof underway only to have major storms come in and literally blow our work down. Aside from the irritation of time lost, we were set back as we scrounged for new shingles to replace the damaged ones. By God's grace, we found new shingles and as I sunk the last nail into the last shingle the first flakes of snow fell. In fifteen minutes I couldn't see the roof anymore, but it was done!
So now, as the fields nap I can sit warmly in the office and watch the snow coming down. All that remains is to monitor the sheep to determine our space needs for the coming lambing season,keep the mother hens warm,and watch the days grow longer.
Life is good!

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