Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sometimes there just isn't enought time for everything

Well, here we are. . . the end of the semester. Things have come together nicely in the last few weeks. The secret garden is up and running, and about two weeks, maybe three, ahead of last year. There is a bounty of pea flowers popping out. I am hoping for a great harvest of peas to take out to the pantry just after the new year. The herbs are flourishing, and the lettuce, and beans (we wanted to try something a little different this year) are looking pretty darn good.

We planted Hobbes (our number 2 hoop house) with spinach, greens, cabbage (for the spring), and carrots. This autumn we opted to only plant half of Calvin (our other hoop house) in order to work on the soil health a bit for the coming season. For whatever reason, the soil underneath our hoops is the only soil on the property that is not "spot on". Wonderfully we can work it back to perfection.

The ed field is put to bed with garlic and spring parsnips the only remaining residents. Even our compost piles are ready for the winter nap. Now we can start thinking about building the "spring" pile in January.
In Windham our resilient Green-Team pushed forward in spite of scheduling and weather obstacles to convert their raised beds to mini hoop houses. We have them buttoned down for the winter and we will now wait till spring to do some cosmetic work on them.
This project has been particularly exciting for me because it has been almost completely driven by students! They are passionate, committed and eager to learn and participate. What a joy for some so young!
As Christmas comes and the New year wanders in I will likely be writing a little less (there isn't much happening right now), but I will make every effort to keep photos coming so that those invested folk can see the progress of the farm while you are tucked away at home. . . .
Enjoy the season and Merry Christmas.

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