Friday, January 7, 2011

Farmer Myke gets a tractor for Christmas. . .

. . . And other silly images.
(This model apparently comes with an intern to supervise from the roof!)
Okay, so it isn't a real tractor. . .well, it's real, and it's a tractor, but it isn't really a tractor that we can use here on the farm. Still, I was amused!
It is such a magical time of year here on the farm. It is quiet all around campus minus the buzz of faculty and staff getting things ready for the coming semester, but it is a different quiet because the farm isn't doing much - not like in the summer.

The pond is frozen and there is snow on the ground, though not as much as I would expect this time of year. In fact, there is little enough snow that we could pasture the sheep if we were feeling so inclined.

Here are some photos from recent days. . . I wanted to include some photos from the secret garden, but the camera lens kept foggin' up. . . oh well.
(Our happy home covered in snow) (The Fur Children - One year later still eating) (The hoop house)

(Amall the Llama wondering why I am bothering him at lunch time!)

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