Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainy day update. . .

There has been so much going on lately I don't know where to begin. . .

The cat is out of the bag now - Pearson's Town will be part of the Mercy Center on campus. It seems a good fit to me. With all of the outreach that we have found ourselves participating in lately (on top of all that farming jazz) I feel that we are really becoming a new link between the school and our neighbors. Nothing makes me happier than being at the market and hearing folks talk about the good that the school does, or being at the restaurant and being cornered by someone who recognizes us from the pantry or the farm. The community enthusiasm for the work that St. Joe's is doing in the Standish/Windham area seems, to me, to be growing.

Here on the farm we are at no loss for things to do. . . even on this rainy day. Our compost piles are making fabulous progress again, many thanks to the crew who turns our massive piles by hand. To see our piles hitting 140 or 150 degrees is somehow, strangely (and I mean strangely), satisfying.

Our raised beds got a make over this year with some new loam that is a bit more loamy. We decided that they were a more opportune spot for our herbs this year since the sheep took over the old herb bed. In complete contrast to last year most all of our herbs are up and doing fabulously. Now it is a matter of being patient as we wait to bring them into Chef and the crew. . .

We named the hoop houses after our favorite theologian and philosopher (not to mention comic book characters) Calvin and Hobbes. Matt O. of St Joe's has taken over Calvin, transforming it into an amazing collection of tomatoes and peppers. Together we have been inter planting lettuce, greens, and carrots, creating a virtual "Salad house".
In the Hobbes house we are polishing off the last of the greens, Swiss chard, and radishes as we prepare phase two of our experiment planting peanuts in Maine. The peanut plants are big and look happy, yet eager to be in the soil.

The market goes on, and the plants in our fields are growing. This year is almost as far as you can get from mirroring last year, and we are thankful.

I have to get back to helping out around here, but stay tuned for other fun adventures like:
"Hey Myke, we have a duckling. . .I thought it was a mouse. "

Grow happy.

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