Monday, June 14, 2010

"I love it when a plan comes together."

The A-Team movie came out this week. The A-team was one of my favorite television shows in my younger days, and Hannibal (the fella whose quote is our blog title today) was my favorite character.

Hearing Liam Neeson use George Peppard's old line is forgivable for the moment (I have yet to see the movie) because I have long been a fan of Mr. Neesons. It is even better to hear that line again because I really feel like it is appropriate for the farm this year.

Walking through the fields at the farm demands a sense of expectation and joy. Every where there are veggies growing. All the spring usuals are up(the ground hogs have been forgiving this year), and there are even cucumbers and winter squash already fruiting. . . how weird. The year has been forgiving with just enough rain at just the right time. It is almost as if nature is making amends for last year. . .
Our new laying hen flock is in and staying sheltered in a brooder (yes that is in fact one of our chicks above. Thanks to Shani for having a wonderful talent with the camera). In a few months they will take the place of our current flock who will be moving into their new mobile home (the chicken tractor) following the sheep out to pasture.

Speaking of. . . the sheep are FINALLY all sheared. Our go with Dinah (the mom) was a little rough. She really didn't have the patience for us and the hand shears. It may have led to a nick here and again, but we all survived the process. With regards to the wool, I have it on good information that Mollee has been spinning the wool from Buster and Dani. . . that should be cool.

Many thanks to our friends with Americore Vista for coming out and showing the weeds a thing or two!! Those guys (and gals) are phenomenal farmer types. They weed, they seed, they talk to llamas and sheep. They really helped us to get a handle on our education field so that we can get some natural weed control happening. . . You guys really are the best!! Thanks again.
The farmer's market is going well. This week we should have some greens, chard, radishes, garlic scapes, eggs, and of course our "farmer's surprise" tomato plants (which is to say that they were missed labeled and it will be a surprise for the gardener when they come to fruit. . .).

Hope to see you at the farm or in Windham.

Grow happy.

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