Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's the time of year to start thinking about what you and the kids are going to be doing all summer... Well, let me suggest a wonderful trip to the farm!!! (or several trips to the farm!!!) Not only will you get to hang out with the sheep and llama, and the chickens and ducks, and not only will you get to help weed the kids garden, and possibly harvest some yummy treats, but you will also be able to join in some wonderful family focused fun events!!!

The following schedule is times that you and your children, and your friends and their children are welcome to come play, harvest, work, eat, and enjoy the garden. I hope to see lots of people taking advantage of these free, child friendly, parent friendly, summer events!

All events run from 10am -noon. No food is provided, unless there is something to harvest... feel free to bring a picnic lunch, and stay past noon... Parents are expected to participate with their children. This is not a drop off situation.

June 26 Reading in the Garden. Come enjoy stories of old, and new while sitting in the grass! Feel welcome to bring your favorite story to share.

July 7 Art in the garden. Come explore the world of natural art. We will collect items from the woods, and make them into art!!! Also we can make fairy houses in our fairy house area!!

July 24 Art in the Garden. This event will be run the same as July 7, but will vary based on participants, and desire.

Aug 4 Music in the Garden. Come sing a song or two, camp fire style! Please feel free to bring any instruments you may have, and let's make a band!!!

Aug 24 Music in the Garden. Again, this will be run the same way as Aug 4, but will vary based on participants, and desire!

Sept 1 Back to school!!! Come pack a school lunch from the garden. Also, we will plan on decorating canvas lunch bags, depending on availability...

Sept 11 Back to school!! Come pack a school lunch from the garden. Again, we plan on decorating canvas lunch bags, based on availability!

Sept 25 Reading in the Garden. This is a repeat event of June 26. Different stories, different story tellers... come and bring your favorite story!

Oct 9 Celebrate Autumn in the Garden. Come make fairy houses, and have a nature walk, and just enjoy the day on the farm. This event is a bit more open house than the other planned events. I wanted to make people feel like this is their farm to enjoy in their own ways...

Nov 6 Harvest Celebration!! Come enjoy the "fruits" of the summer, and celebrate with the community! We will have pictures from the summer to share, and we will plan a small art exhibit. If people want to repeat events from the summer i.e., sing songs together... this would be great!!!

All events are based on the communities involvement. Each event is appropriate for any age, and because it is in the kids garden, it includes "kids" of all ages! If you have any questions, or ideas please feel free to contact me @

Happy Summer!! Hope to see you June 26!!


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