Monday, June 28, 2010

Kinder Kick Off

A word from the Kinder-Garden!
We held our first event "in the garden". It was reading... and unfortunately, no one other than me, and my kids showed up... But, we weeded, and planted, and replanted, and in the end, read in the garden. It was a hot Saturday, but a fun one! We sincerely hope that for our future "in the garden" series, more people will come! Keep your calenders free, July 7 we will be enjoying art in the garden, and quite possibly some fairy house making!!! Tell your friends, and their friends... it will be a good time... there is no rain date... if the weather is yucky, please join us instead at one of our other dates. (look for the kinder schedule it is labeled "Kinder-Schedule" in the "Farm Topics link).Amy

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