Sunday, May 23, 2010

And they came together. . .

May is a whiz bang month. Even off of the farm there is usually just too much to do, but as a farmer, May is compounded by silly things like tilling, planting, seeding, and so on. This year was no different, save that we added a few activities to our otherwise hectic lives. In the last two weeks alone we have had to do the usual farmy things as well as start training a new farm crew, finish up a master gardener course, start participating at the local farmer's market, and attend the national Farm to Cafeteria conference in Detroit, MI. The conference was, once again, phenomenal, but that is a different story.

At the end of all the pandemonium that is May we celebrated our second annual Community Planting Day. It was a most wonderful endeavor, and it evidenced a truth to me that people will congregate around food, even if it isn't finished growing yet. This year was, in my opinion, better than last, with a larger and more steady crowd.
In the course of the day we welcomed family, friends, neighbors, home-schoolers and more. The Kinder-Garden was hopping, as the adults worked out in the Ed field planting onions and brassicas. Some folks started weeding the old flower bed which, I am glad to say, has some of our perennials from last year up and budding.
Children and adults alike took a break from our work to watch the sheep (and llama)in the field while the chickens and ducks wandered around with us.
A great big thanks to Matt O. (our tomato master) Doc Kelly and Ms. Novak (the square foot garden guru's)Rebecca H. and Amy R. (for taking such good care of us and our Kinder-Folk)Heather A. (who somehow I managed not to get a picture of - Sorry Heather), and Al (Mr. Fresh Squeezed Lemonade himself - and for the great food too.)for helping to make it all possible.

For those of you interested in the Kinder-Garden program for the summer, keep your eyes posted here for the schedule of events. We are expecting to see it around the first of June.

Grow happy and enjoy the sun!

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