Saturday, February 6, 2010

Farm to Fork

We are committed to bringing farm fresh, organic, sustainably grown produce to the table! We don't just feed the school, we feed the folks at the food pantry and occasionally we serve other civic groups in the community.

Last Wednesday we had the opportunity to serve lunch for a seniors group that would meet at the ol' fire barn (that is Mainer for "the fire station") the morning before Catherine's Cupboard Food Pantry would have its distribution at the same sight. Since Catherine's Cupboard moved to the town hall in September of last year we seem to have lost touch with some of those wise folks! Stu proposed that we should offer them a lunch at the new pantry location to reconnect with them and give them an opportunity to see the Cupboard's new home.
What an odd group of people we are to serve a fancy meal to anybody, but the farm crew offered service with a smile! At the Cupboard Molly, Heather and Raynehelped to serve a superb meal (would we expect anything less from Chef?!?!?) to twenty one seniors from the community and a hand full of town employees. What a magnificent connection we made with those who have farmed and gardened before us. The meal was amazing. . .in fact the butter was so pretty one table refused to use it lest they mess up its appearance!
We were an unsightly group to be sure in our farm finery (do farmers have finery???). Still the seniors were pleased, the farm crew had fun being 'fancy', Stu got to work in the kitchen again(he likes that), and Chef glowed as our guests lauded the food and his craft!!

While none of the food served at this meal came from Pearson's Town, we know that much of the ingredients came from local farms. I can't speak for the others, but nothing makes me smile like knowing that great local foods are being improved upon (by the likes of Chef) and served to people that really appreciate them! Our opportunity to grow food and then also get to serve food makes Pearson's Town truly Farm to Fork!
. . . plus, who would have thought that our humble little crew was so good at catering. . . hmmm.

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  1. i wish i were a senior.... man, that looked amazing!!! Well done! I am looking forward to inviting those same people out to Pearson's for an open house, when the snow leaves!!! Can't wait!