Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gaining ground on spring

The snow is receding and man is it starting to look like spring. The last couple of days it even felt a bit like spring. Such a tease I tell you.

The secret garden is really starting (emphasis on the word 'starting') to look the way that I had envisioned it. We have started started to companion plant in the beds. There are now carrots growing in the tomato bed (the 'maters are still there too), beets are growing up in the herb bed and we have German time creating a ground cover beneath the snap peas.
As we start greens (lettuce, spinach and chard) in the cellar, growth in the hoops continues inching along.
We were pleased to be able to offer pea shoots in the servery and today Molly brought up Pearson's Town coriander to spice up the kitchen. Growing in the winter is definitely slower, but we are learning a lot about increasing productivity. We are also collecting data on energy use so that we can find ways to grow more with less - after all if we are sucking up a ton of energy we are missing our goal of growing produce sustainably.

In the meantime the evil weather people are threatening snow in the coming day. . .grrrr. In light of the recent sunlight though, we have very little to complain about!!!

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