Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh, For the Love of Compost!

Hi everyone! This is my first blog for Pearson's Town Farm! My name is Alyssa Jean and I'm a work-study intern for the farm and I'm not gonna lie, I actually enjoy composting. Heavy, smelly, frozen compost. Carrying 50 buckets that weight half as much as I do from the end of where the snowplow plows to the compost piles over yonder has built up my muscle tremendously. I can flex my arms and actually see it now! I think it is the first visible muscle I've ever had! This is a very exciting concept for me. Look at that muscle! I am so proud of myself! :D

Composting is really just great. You make nice, rich soil for your crops to be happy and you can enjoy yourself doing it, climbing up compost mountain, trying to pour frozen compost out...better than unfrozen compost actually. A little tougher, but certainly less smelly and wet. AND fewer flies, which make for an irritating time.
It does kind of bother me, however, just how much food we waste. Most of what we compost is still good, it just did not get eaten for one reason or another. Some of it looks delicious. Some of it smells delicious. Some of it even tastes delicious, because if you are like Molly and I, you are unafraid to be "the most disgusting thing I have ever seen!" as Rayne says, you will try some of the not-so-wasted wasted food. Here is Molly and I eating some type of raspberry jelly roll type thing. It was a little frozen, but totally worth it. "It has a little bit of a stir-fry taste, don't you think?" Molly asked.And of course, I needed to wipe my mouth with a composted napkin!And if you are anything like me, as President of the Photography Club here at SJC, you can find some pretty interesting photos among the composted! It could produce a pretty cool art project. Some photos showing here:

Even these MARSHMALLOWS from a bowl of Lucky Charms didn't get eaten! AMAZING! Usually, the marshmallows are the first thing everyone eats! I guess this eater wasn't so lucky!

Well that's what I have to say for now. Myke, I hope you enjoyed that! (He's been telling me I should write on the blog for ages!)


  1. Um. . . On a professional note, you probably shouldn't do that. It may be unsafe.
    On a personal note. . . That is just frickin' awesome! I am so proud of you two. . . on a strictly personal note, of course!

  2. do not eat the compost!!!!