Monday, October 12, 2009

Ah yes, the weather!

In none of my previous jobs have I ever been so attentive to the weather. I have had jobs where the weather affected me as much as it will on the farm, but for some reason I just didn't care. But now. . .

Already we have had three frosts, and snow is in the forecast for tonight. Wow, have I ever become neurotic about the weather - mostly just the snow though. It represents many things - the end of the "natural" growing season, cold weather, short days. . .

We have taken over most of the available "growing" spaces at the school for our winter experiments. Currently the science department's greenhouse is full of agriculture starts (the good news is that our disciplines are inter related and we get along really well - they are great folks!). The hoop houses on the other hand have continued to throw us challenges! The first house is up, framed and ready for the poly sheeting to be put on! That happens Wednesday. The second hoop, remember - the one that was impeded by every boulder in Maine?? Well, it has thrown us some new curve balls that are not insurmountable, but sure are darned irritating. It is going to require a healthy bit of extra work before it is ready for the poly, which puts me behind schedule. . . again!

My joy is that we have garnered extra help by way of very willing volunteers, we have a phenomenal staff, and this farm has largely been founded and built on stubborn determination, so I am confident that we will overcome. It will all get done, just not in my timing. Still, it will get done. And when it does, then I will sit back with a cup of warm cider (now available at Java Joe's by the way!!!!) and take it all in!

What a season!!

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