Friday, October 9, 2009

Sites and thoughts around the farm. . .

Fridays are a different kind of day around the farm. I get the opportunity to help out at Java Joe's (the on campus coffee shop), and Dana runs the farm including recently. . . our volunteers.

Yup, with school back in session we have volunteers coming on a regular basis again. Recently, they seem to have been multiplying. This time of year on the farm reminds me of summers past. I spent many years at the same summer camp. I started as a camper, and worked my way onto the staff. Summer was always so alive and full of activity. Eventually summer would come to a close and there was a melancholy feeling in the air knowing that after cleaning up the staff would go home again too. That same feel is in the air now, even as the leaves are falling. We have been cleaning up the feel, getting it ready for a winters rest. It seems both clean, and yet empty as we pull the old stalks, and stems, husks ,and other debris to be taken from the field and put into the compost. It is almost unbelievable that soon our fields will be covered with snow.But even as we put the fields to bed, we are getting ready to plant into our hoop houses. It has taken numerous man hours and a couple of departments to get them up, but they are finally leveled out and up.Many thanks this week to our volunteers; Heather, Rayne, Alyssa, Wes, Kyla, and Rachel. You cat's have helped us to catch up. . . more than you will ever know!

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