Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is an amazing time of year (a follow up to the previous post)

It is so bizarre to feel "caught up"!

The interns and volunteers on the farm have been absolutely amazing. So much so, in fact, that I am worried that I am going to have to be creative about projects. Hmmm, there is always that eight cords of wood that needs to be split!!!!
So the weather, yes, I promised this to be a follow up to the last blog. . . The cold is only one of many factors that can make a farmer grumpy. One of the other top three (snow being the third) is the wind. The hoops are framed, the hardware is on the roll up side bars are assembled - all that is left is the two layers of poly (the plastic). Remember that Wednesday was our day to finish that part. . . Well, it turns out that heavy winds and a sheet of plastic 150 feet by 24 feet don't mix all that well, especially if we are trying to elevate them. Thankfully, where we don't have any engineering majors, we do have folks with a good sense of science and nature! So we opted to postpone the hoop covering for another day.

Next week - garlic planting.

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  1. hon, this all looks so wonderful. i wish i was a bit more available to come and help... soon... i am proud of all the work you and the farm peeps, do... you are all amazing. keep up the good work, and remember, you too could soar above the earth in a man made flying device... just don't let the kids near it!!