Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Speaking of progress. . .

So yes, progress is happening. Today Dana and I left Mr. Brandes alone for an hour or so whilst we wandered over to Rippling Waters to donate some food scraps to their compost pile. As I have previously mentioned our second hoop house was lagging behind much thanks to nature and her glacial evilness.
When we left the second hoop house was still in need of a little adjusting, with respect to the bows (ribs of the beast). I expected that at days end we might have the whole thing worked out and the perlin (spine of the beast) in place. To my absolute delight when we got back, Mr. Brandes had single handedly adjusted all of the bows and installed the perlin (which according to the directions is a three person job!).

So we thought we would have a leisurely afternoon on Weeman Road. Ha! The first frosts of the season made it a necessity to dig up the sweet potatoes - and so we did. Digging potatoes is not all as easy as it may appear.
hAll things considered they did very well. Certainly they were not our bumper crop, but they did well (we haven't weighed them out yet).

On Tuesday is our "Eat Local Challenge" day. Bon Appetit will be serving great and tasty foods made from healthy ingredients that have traveled no more than 150 miles away. There is some rumor from Dana that perhaps instead of selling the sweet potatoes, that she will make pies and sell those instead. . .

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