Sunday, September 20, 2009

So let's talk progress. . .

September. . . it's nearly gone. Where the heck did it go? It wasn't wet, it wasn't cold. . . well, not until recently. . . it really was quite pleasant! So how did we miss it?

It has been an exciting month here at Pearson's Town. We have been very happily harvesting, the school is officially back in session, the hoop houses are nearly done. . .

Of the greatest interest to us have been two recent events. The first occurred while Dana and I were eating our breakfast nestled safely in the warmth of the cafe! It turns out that simultaneously to that all important event, a bull moose had wandered his way down Weeman Road and decided to stop into our curcubit field. We suspect ill intentions on his part, but by all neighborly accounts he seemed to be chasing a cow (Moose that is. Female moose are also called "cows" for those of you from away! Odd that female cows aren't called "moose"!) I will try to get the pics that one of the neighbors took of Bullwinkle in our field.

Anyway, the other event was our first frost of the season. It was spotty and missed a few places. Weeman road got it lightly, our main fields appear to have been spared. All the more reminder that we have to get those hoop houses in full operation. The good news is that the first one is framed out. The second is a little behind, but catching up quickly. . .. . . much thanks to Walt in facilities and his trusty backhoe! Now we are pushing to get the grounds graded. . .yes. . . by hand!!! There is a lot of dirt to move from one place to the other. Graciously some of the R.A.'s at the school have donated their floors to the project (I wonder if the good folks living on those floors know yet!)

The eat local challenge is coming up on the 29th. I hope everyone reading this joins in!! If you aren't in the area check out the Bamco and Circle of Responsibility websites.

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