Monday, September 28, 2009

. . . and the sheep are here!

This weekend we jumped into full fledged farm-dom. We moved three Southdown Sheep from Weeman Road to Pearson's Town. Our new chef Tommy has been broadening the horizons of our students this year by cooking amazing foods. . . one of those is lamb. The Phunny Pharm loaned Buster, Dani, and Dyna to Pearson's Town to accent the agriculture program and to provide lambs for the next season for the farm to have to start their own flock! Sheep really are amazing critters, and these three are spirited.
Speaking of sheep. . . It has been a busy time. Part of the Pearson's Town crew spent the weekend at the Common Ground Faire in Unity, Maine. This year the faire's opening correlated with the first hard frost of the season. . . and we camped! Yup, woke up Saturday morning with frost on the ol' nose. Gratefully the weather warmed during the days, and we had the opportunity to meet folks, network and connect with old friends. Amy (our Kinder-garden supervisor) even managed to volunteer us to compete against trained sheep dogs in a herding competition. . . . More on that when I download the photos.
Tomorrow is our eat local challenge, and Pearson's Town's inaugural farm stand. We are pleased by what we were able to pull out of the fields this year in spite of the miserable early weather. We hope to please our customers as well. We are contributing greens, beets, turnips, and beans to Tommy and the crew to whip up into yummy dishes, and the turkeys, chickens, ducks and sheep will be hanging out to advertise the diversity of our farm! What an exciting time this is.
Stay tuned for further updates as we finish the hoop houses and prep the fields for a long winters nap. That and a tale about the goat that Amy had to drag across the arena!

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