Monday, August 17, 2009

And greener we grow.

The middle of August is here. Maybe some time to start a few last minute crops to hibernate under the "warmth" and safety of the hoop houses.

We bid adieu to Emily and Sierra last Friday. Much luck to them as they prepare for the school year. And so remains Mr. Brandes, and Mr. Lichten, those stalwart fellows who have tilled and weeded and lugged, and hauled and cleaned and carried on in a most respectable manner.
They remain to finish out the season.

Today's mission, get the "foundation" for the first hoop house up. We broke ground last week to conquer the sod (that seems to be a common theme this year). Now we begin setting the structure.

Forecast for today: 90 degrees, hot hazy and humid!

Should be fun!!!

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