Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nearing the end. . .

. . . of the first season that is.

Tomorrow Sierra and Emily will be with us for their last day. That will bring our numbers down to three in total.

But this post is not to mourn, but to reflect on a really silly day! Today we were visited by some of the crew from one of the channel 6 news shows (the program is called 207, and I have no idea what day it will air). It was a fun time, they interviewed a few of us, to include some folks from the food pantry and interns of course, and naturally they shot a lot of the farm (that in my opinion is the most important part).
What to me might possibly be the most educational part of this experience is that electronic doodads (like big intimidating video cameras) make me uneasy. They interviewed Stu, and Rebecca (from the food pantry), Emily, and myself. Each interview was in the neighborhood of 5 minutes or so, but then we talked at some length with the crew afterwards. When the camera was on I can't be certain that I formulated one intelligent sentence. When the camera was off (or blessedly on someone else) we had really wonderful conversation about compost, agriculture and society at large.

I am quite sure that future media events should spotlight Stu as the spokesperson! He does a great job with that.

In the meantime, as though the farm were coming full circle, we had to pull out Ah-Tillah again to break ground for the hoop houses! My hope is to have the first one erected by the end of next week! Then we will start laying out our first over winter crop. Very, very exciting!
Stay tuned for more to come. . . after a word from our sponsor!

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