Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weeman Road

Our production field is on the other side of town. While Saint Joe's and the educational field and farm sit on the banks of Sebago lake, the production field sits on the old Weeman farm property on the banks of the Saco river.
Bed building over here has gone much faster, and thank goodness as it is June already and we need to have everything in the ground by the end of the week if we really want to harvest anything before that evil necessity - winter - returns.

In order to maintain a presence at the school we have endeavored to always leave a team there while we have a team here. This morning the ladies opted to stay on Whites Bridge road in order to weed, while the men finished prepping the beds and setting up the irrigation system. There is no running water on Weeman road so we have adapted a gravity fed system involving 275 gallon rain barrels. We are going to bucket brigade the first round of water to fill them. Then we have been given permission by one of our other neighbors to draft off of an old 12 foot dug well.

At the moment, while the ladies are hard at work. . . the men are slaving away. . .

Hey. . . we worked too!!!

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  1. HA HA HA!!!!!! sorry ladies... hang in there... also, we will have our day of bbq-ing, and sitting back... some day!