Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nature Hike

So the Kinder Garden met today... and weeded some and went for a hike... the turn out was a little disapointing... it was me, and my three kids... luckily Kinsey (a wonderful friend) joined us, and made the day worth while!!! The KG is weeded, and watered, and looking mighty fine! The hike was warm, sunny, and wonderful. We are making plans as to improve the trail, and add some wonderful features, like a bridge that crossed the stream... it is a little wet... and we want to mark the trail a little better, there was one turn that James, our 8 year old trail guide, took, that we questioned for it's obsecurity... alas, he was right, but it brought us into an unmowed part of the trail... which we also questioned... but again he was right... so we have some trail markings to add, and some mowing to do... but all in all this was a wonderful day, and i hope that next time we are able to share it with more people... also, i forgot my camera... sigh...


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  1. also... please note... we meet next on June 20 from 10-12... for literacy in the garden... COME read, enjoy nature!!!