Saturday, June 6, 2009

Days off. . .

Okay, so there really isn't any such thing!

Seeing as the farm is on a Catholic college campus it would seem appropriate to make a "spiritual" connection.

I strolled through the garden this morning and was pleasantly surprised by the waking sunflowers, beans and peas. There are cracks in the soil here, reverently bent stems over there, and even some cotyledons stretch out to greet the day. I enjoy this time of the day - its quiet in the garden. My only companions are those peaceable little forest dwellers. Some, of course, are more welcome than others. As the beans start to find freedom from the soil, I do believe that I am going to begin to take issue with the crows and the turkeys, who are fully capable of penetrating our fence. The temperature is pleasant and there is a very peaceful breeze.

In the book of Genesis there is a passage about God walking through the garden with man in the cool of the day. That is the image that I had this morning. Even with all the little signs of construction going on, it was so unbelievable peaceable there. Being on the farm is the kind of job that doesn't really seem like work. . . I miss it on my days off.

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