Saturday, June 27, 2009

Visitors to the farm

Saint Joe's campus is so very quiet in the summer. At least that is my observation as a relative newcomer.
The lack of a student population makes it easier to observe some of the otherwise "behind the scenes" crews in action. The facilities and maintenance guys at the school work so very hard all of the time and so seldom get thanked for what they do. So from our crew to theirs, "Thank you!"

These weeks without all the hub bub have been broken up periodically with spurts of activity. We on the farm have welcomed the variance because it drums up visitors for us across the street.

Friday the wet, cold weather pattern finally broke, and it swung right into hot and humid - perfect weather for working in thundershowers. That afternoon we welcomed the Sisters of Mercy who were here at the school for a conference.
60 young ladies from all over came to tour our humble little farm, and share some of the exciting agricultural innovations that they have observed in areas where they live. What a great bunch of women, and a lot of fun. One of them did make a point to remind me not to name the baby turkeys lest we develop a connection and become unable to eat them!
Today is the first of two "new student orientation" days. New students and their folks have been on campus getting all set up for the new academic year coming. Again, an opportunity to showcase the farm and get people excited about agriculture. About 35 parents, students and siblings loaded onto the buses for the trip to the farm to see what we are up to there. The responses were all positive.

On the farm - things are up. Beets, corn (yes, I said we weren't going to grow any but we did anyway Ruben!), beans, peas, carrots, radishes, greens, rhubarb, a variety of squashes, and zucchini, and of course the sweet potatoes are all enjoying the warm, drier weather.
Feel free to come visit us during the week, and don't forget to check out our compost pile!! It's pretty exciting. . . at least I think so.

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