Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some farm updates

It's July first, there is still no sign of the sun. I am quite sure that it is out there somewhere. This wet weather with windows of humidity has opened the door for all sorts of environmental nightmares across the agricultural world. We on the farm got a quick crash course in identifying early blight - the fungus that led to the Irish potato famine - after MOFGA issued a warning that the blight has been located as far north as New York. We don't have it on the farm, but we want to be prepared.
On the other side of town, at our production field, we are inundated with cucumber beetles and the farm around the corner is suffering from potato beetles.
Our spirits are high though. In spite of all the yuck, our veggies are looking good. Today we were able to harvest salad greens and rhubarb, both of which made their way to Catherine Cupboard's food pantry. It is a very exciting thing for us to be able to actually see tangible results.
Our composting program is in full swing, and is also very exciting. Our pile has grown from a small demonstration plot to a pile that now holds 83 - 5 gallon buckets full of food waste from the cafeteria. It has been mixed with some mulch hay, barn animal bedding and grass trimmings. Without an accurate weight, we estimated that approximately 1200 pounds has been taken out of Saint Joe's waste stream. . . and that is exciting!

We have invited the Saint Joe's community to join us by bringing in buckets of their food waste to be composted at the farm. Our hope is to educate people, build community and lessen more than just the college's footprint. If you are a part of the school all you need to do is purchase two five gallon buckets. Fill them with your food scraps, no meat, bones, rubber, plastic, etc, and bring them to the cafe. Will will replace the one(s) you drop off so you can fill that one and keep the cycle going. We will take the full buckets, dump them and clean them for you.
If you are a farmer or have critters that require hay bedding and you want or need to get rid of the soiled bedding, give us a call. We will be happy to take it off of your hands. Contact Michial the Farm Guy at 310-0976.

Things to look forward to. . . blueberries, peas, tomatoes, radishes, and various herbs. All coming soon.

Oh, and for all the fans of the turklets (our affectionate name for the turkey chicks) - they are growing (and eating) like mad. If you need a good show, you should swing by when we are cleaning the brooder.

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