Monday, June 22, 2009

Square Foot Garden 1

I am new to blogging but I am interested in sharing the work at the farm with others - to invite you into the garden even if only virtually. I am excited about the work that we are doing. Lynn Novak and I are the square foot gardeners. Take a look at the home page for a view of our handiwork.

The square foot gardens look very good considering the rain and lack of sun for the past days. Spinach and bok choy are ready to harvest - oh yes - a stir fry from the garden will taste great.

Once it stops raining, Lynn and I plan to plant some beans (soy, green and scarlet runner), onions, marigolds, cukes and a second planting of lettuce. We will also need to get busy with weeding around the edges.

On Sunday, between the rain drops, I planted about 24 tomato plants from my green house into the garden. I have more to add and again I will do so once it stops raining.

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