Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some late night thoughts.

It was a busy week. I spent the bulk of it at the Maine Composting School at Highmoor Farm in Monmouth, Maine. The class was put on by a cooperation of the University of Maine Extension, the Department of Ag, the State Planning Department and the Department of Environmental Protection.
The amount of information that was presented was dizzying. I am still reeling from everything we had to absorb in just five very short days. Some of the most eye opening things were the materials that are available to be composted, and the short span of time that something can be brought to an agriculturally usable level. The two things that amazed me most were that the Maine Composting team actually composted a full grown pilot whale a couple of years back, and that one of the first lines of defense against the spread of any avian influenza that may break out is composting the infected birds!! I can't say enough about this course and would recommend that anyone find it on the web and take it! Check out -

Today was a make up day. I have been far from the farm for a week, and with no stress. The crew did a fabulous job keeping things going. Now, if we could just manage this ridiculous weather!
It felt good to be back on the farm. Today was alumni day at the college, so we opened up the farm to any interested alumni to come and see what we are doing. Simultaneously we had Ms. King (our winter intern - thanks again!) come down from the C.S.A. where she is working for the summer to tour the farm an lend us a hand. It was really cool to have her down and to build a connection with some of our current interns. There was also a host of others working in the Kinder-Garden, weeding, mulching and setting up supports for the tomatoes.

I have pictures somewhere. I will post them at a more decent hour. . .

What a great day.

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